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Aluminum Prototypes

Second-to-none Cast Aluminum Prototypes

Look no further than Ermak Foundry & Machining for world-class aluminum prototype casting. Our experienced team is well-known for its ability to manufacture high-quality aluminum prototype castings quickly and cost-effectively.

You’ll be able to do the following with our aluminum prototype casting services:

  • Identify possible problems early in the development process, saving your company money in the long run, and reducing production time.
  • Produce high-quality parts before investing in costly and time-consuming production equipment.
  • Produce reliable product testing data.
  • Obtain parts suited for U.L. testing as soon as possible.
  • Purchase pre-production parts as you build out your entire production infrastructure.
  • Throughout the product design process, validate your theoretical analysis.

Prototype Process for Castings

We understand the rush to get products to the marketplace as quickly as possible. That’s why we work with industry-standard CAD formats (typically SolidWorks) and will make suggestions to improve the manufacturability of your designs.

When we get your inquiry regarding our aluminum prototypes, we will evaluate several criteria, including the part’s function, geometry, alloy, desired quality and finish, and turnaround time. From there, we’ll devise and implement an efficient approach for producing your prototype. We frequently create completely functional aluminum prototypes, but we sometimes create non-working ones to exhibit to stakeholders, possible investors, and test market panels for visualization reasons.

We utilize a proprietary process that allows us to turnaround a 3D CAD file to “95% accurate” (typically, the surface finish and dimensional accuracy won’t be to production levels) casting prototypes in roughly a week. We also work with partners to “print” a sand pattern that will give you an accurate production part, typically in a few weeks.

Either method gets you an actual aluminum product to test, touch/feel, etc., without investing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and weeks/months into a production part. We can then take what you learn from the prototypes to quickly make changes to the tooling design and get the first articles off production tooling in less than a month.

Ermak, headquartered in Minnesota (MN), provides services throughout the Upper Midwest, Iowa (IA), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Wisconsin (WI), all of the U.S., and parts of Canada.

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