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Product & Market Development

Product & Market Development

Our management team has many years of experience in other corporations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, with roles across the spectrum from engineering to supply chain to product management to mergers/acquisitions. This involved anywhere from brand new products to businesses with billions in annual sales, located domestically and internationally. Our pasts provide a diverse, outside perspective to help businesses think through product/business strategy from new market entry to product obsolescence. 

We’ve helped customers and partners determine channels to sell through, pricing of products, acquisitions/divestitures of businesses, and an overall corporate strategy to develop and thrive. 

For those just starting out or looking to grow, we are also happy to help provide contacts and/or guidance on financing, from banks to venture capitalists. And for anyone looking for guidance on the purchase or start-up of a new business, we’re especially passionate about providing insights and knowledge to achieve this goal.

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