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Permanent Mold

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Permanent Mold

Permanent mold casting is many times referred to as gravity-fed die casting (as opposed to high-pressure die casting). The molds (or dies) are machined from cast iron or steel, which helps the aluminum to solidify faster; decreasing lead times, increasing material density, and improving surface finish. The permanent mold process utilizes gravity pouring of molten aluminum, further reducing the likelihood of porosity and improving the tolerances “as cast”.

The molds are durable, typically producing tens or hundreds of thousands of castings before needing maintenance. Perm mold has traditionally been utilized in higher quantity manufacturing runs (5000 pieces per year or more) or when as cast tolerances, surface finish, or quality are a necessity. We have also found permanent mold castings to be an excellent replacement for OEM parts when the high run (hundreds of thousands of pieces per year) production lines are no longer in service. Depending on the part geometry and tooling budget, cores (sand or permanent), inserts, or other materials can be included in the castings.

Our process know-how comes from years of hands-on experience producing castings for demanding markets and industries that require extensive coring and must meet high standards for porosity, pressure tightness, and machinability. Our goal is to supply the very best casting that exceeds requirements and can be affordably produced.

Our variety of permanent mold machines offer the flexibility for low to high-volume production runs (tens to tens of thousands) and small- to large-sized products (inches to multiple feet across).

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