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Explosion-proof/Fireproof Equipment Casting Services

Explosion-proof/Fireproof Equipment Foundry

Ermak Foundry & Machining is a leading nonferrous explosion-proof/fireproof equipment foundry specializing in producing sand castings using aluminum alloys. We’re ready to take on any project, whether it’s a one-part job or thousands of parts.

We follow proprietary procedures and exercise lean production methods— which means we’re able to provide repeatable, consistent, and cost-effective products to our explosion-proof/fireproof equipment clients.

We melt ingots of A356 / 356 / 333 / C355 / 319 / 535 / 713 and many other alloys. 

Ermak, headquartered in Minnesota (MN), provides services throughout the Upper Midwest, Iowa (IA), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Wisconsin (WI), all of the USA, and parts of Canada.

Custom Casting Services

Assembly Analysis and Casting Integration

We work with our clients who need to cast explosion-proof and fireproof equipment to identify new methods to save money through assembly analysis and casting integration. For example, we have saved our customers money on manufacturing costs by recognizing that different castings could be produced as a single component.

Reverse Engineering Explosion-proof/Fireproof Parts

3D scanning enables us to give design analysis and duplicate an existing item. We may also analyze chemical and metallographic properties to determine materials and post-production processes used. Following a thorough examination, we engage with our clients to devise a feasible plan of action for moving forward with manufacturing.

Explosion-proof & Fireproof Equipment Prototypes

Prototypes assist in evaluating the efficiency of the manufacturing process and give an accurate preview of exactly how a part looks, feels, handles, and performs. The prototypes we produce are typically fully functional, but we also design non-working versions to present to potential investors and test market panels.

Casting Services Aluminum Heat Treat Process

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