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Big Moves

Some BIG moves happening here at Ermak!

After purchasing Northwest Casting & adding their staff to the Ermak family, we have been working the past few months to combine operations between the two.

The heat treat oven is officially up & running at Ermak—this was a major move and we are excited to further serve our customers with these capabilities.

When You Should Heat Treat Aluminum

Many aluminum castings are utilized in their “as cast” state. However, some applications require metal properties not present in the cast material, such as enhanced strength. In these cases, we turn to the aluminum heat-treatment process. Ermak’s certified furnaces and controls provide uniform heat transfer to all areas of the castings. In addition, our large high-temperature ovens provide excellent tempering results that are consistent and reliable. Every day, we heat-treat hundreds of castings and tailor the procedure to our client’s specific needs.

Heat treatment process

The heat treatment process speedily and efficiently transforms aluminum into the desired physical properties for the application. A one-step processing allows us to customize our treatment to the specific needs of our clients.

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ERMAK Foundry and Machining Heat Treat Oven
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