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Casting Source Reshoring Q&A

Casting Source’s 2021 July/August, Q&A article, “You Don’t Have To Be Monet,” by Kim Phelan, features Reg Zeller.


Casting Source: You’re passionate about bringing manufacturing back to America, and certainly the reasons are many to do so. But is it one of those things that’s easier said than done?

Reg Zeller: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation with customers. Bringing something back to the U.S. is substantially easier than what it takes to initially get something going overseas.

We created our own proprietary development process to make this simple. We’ve continued to refine the process so we know all the questions to ask; we have a checklist that we go through and it’s completely transparent to the casting buyers. We just make sure everything is taken care of and we walk them through it.

Tell Us About Your Reshoring Challenges

What parts have you on-shored and what challenges have you faced with switching production facilities? Check our our blog post, Reshore-Broken Supply Chains to learn more, reach out to our experts at ERMAK for free quotes and advice, or call 952-448-2801.

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