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713 Alloy Casting

713 (Tenzaloy) Alloy

Heat treatment isn’t necessary for high strength! 713, also known as Tenzaloy, is a popular alloy. It naturally ages at room temperature to similar properties of 300 series aluminum in roughly three weeks. However, after three weeks, the growing strength in the aluminum sand castings virtually reaches a plateau, growing just marginally for up to six months to achieve its maximal stability. Physical characteristics are comparable to heat-treated 319, 355, and 356 heat-treated aluminum sand castings. The impact strength of 713 is higher than any of these alloys, and the elongation is higher in some cases. 

The 713 alloy consists of 0.25% silicon, 0.35% chromium, 0.15% nickel, 1.1% iron, 0.4 to 1% copper, 0.2 to 0.5% magnesium, 0.25% titanium, 7 to 8% zinc, and 0.6% manganese.

Tenzaloy 713 is also a good candidate for anodizing and polishing to a high sheen. It has equivalent corrosion resistance to most 300 Series aluminum alloys.

When manufacturing parts for industries requiring high strength and ductility we often use Tenzaloy. In addition, 713 alloy is highly machinable and has a fine finish. 713 castings are used for frames, brackets, levers, bases, housing, and heavy-duty fan blades.

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