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C355 Alloy Casting

C355 Alloy

The C355 alloy maintains its strength at higher temperatures and is commonly heat-treated for maximum strength. As a result, this alloy is optimal for pressure-tight applications, sand casting, and permanent mold casting. 

Copper is used in the C355 and 355 aluminum casting alloys to substantially increase their strength over the more typical aluminum casting alloy A356. The C355 aluminum alloy is ideal for pressure-sensitive applications, and it retains its strength at temperatures greater than A356.

C355 produces a high-strength casting suitable for high-stress environments such as compressor housings and racing car engine parts.

C355 is composed of (in weight percentage) 92.90% Aluminum (Al), 1.20% Copper (Cu), 0.50% Magnesium (Mg), 0% .10% Manganese (Mn), 5.00% Silicon (Si), 0.20% Iron (Fe), and 0.10% Zinc (Zn). 

ERMAK Cast aluminum product

Ermak Foundry & Machining specializes in aluminum alloy casting. The metal alloys we use have excellent castability, weldability, pressure tightness, and corrosion resistance. In addition to the C355 Alloy Ermak also melts and pours:

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