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Northwest Casting

Rapid Prototyping

We often hear from customers looking to create a prototype part in order to test it, physically check it for fitment, and/or get customer feedback. Typically, the parts are requested to either be machined from bar stock or billet aluminum. While this is feasible, it tends to be expensive to complete the programming and time …

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Reshore-Broken Supply Chains

Pre-COVID, we had been talking with customers who were exploring “reshoring”, the process of moving production back to the US from international manufacturing.  The reasons varied, but the most frequent were shorter lead times, lower minimum quantities, higher quality products, concerns over products being copied/sold, more assurances in raw materials used, “Made in USA” for …

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Why Aluminum?

Lightweight, durable and highly recyclable, aluminum is a sustainable material of choice. Aluminum applications span from everyday items like fuel-efficient vehicles to smart phones to window frames to airplanes. It has a long list of inherent assets that makes it referred to as a “miracle metal” – lightweight, corrosion resistant, easily formed, highly conductive, highly …

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Big Moves

Some BIG moves happening here at Ermak! After purchasing Northwest Casting & adding their staff to the Ermak family, we have been working the past few months to combine operations between the two. The heat treat oven is officially up & running at Ermak—this was a major move and we are excited to further serve …

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