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CaneKast™, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Cushman Foundry

CaneKast™, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Cushman Foundry CHASKA, MN (January 28th, 2022) — Cushman Foundry of Blue Ash, Ohio, was acquired by CaneKast™, a leader in non-ferrous foundries. “This transaction enables us to take advantage of opportunities for growth and innovation across our facilities,” remarked Reg Zeller, CEO and owner of CaneKast™. “The addition of […]

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Casting Source Reshoring Q&A

Casting Source’s 2021 July/August, Q&A article, “You Don’t Have To Be Monet,” by Kim Phelan, features Reg Zeller. Casting Source: You’re passionate about bringing manufacturing back to America, and certainly the reasons are many to do so. But is it one of those things that’s easier said than done? Reg Zeller: I can’t tell you how many

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The Certain Benefits of Prototype Casting

Benefits of Aluminum Prototype Casting Designers/engineers can gain tangible proof of the component’s quality, find unexpected flaws and perform testing that delivers invaluable data. Marketers can use prototypes to gain feedback from customers or investors before full-scale production begins. Designers/engineers can make parts in a wide range of sizes and surface details with various finishes.

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Metal Casting Defects

Knowledge of casting defects and what causes them is an essential part of managing casting quality. High-quality foundries avoid pitfalls that cause casting defects. Casting defects in a finished product can occur due to defective pattern design, improper melting of metal, defective molding material, or improper venting. Defects can also occur due to control limitations

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5 World-Changing Metal Applications

Five non-ferrous metal applications which affected global industries in a big way include aluminum aircraft frames, magnesium transmissions, titanium golf clubs, zinc electrical hardware, and bronze gears. Previous Next The Industrial and Transportation Revolutions fueled the demand for non-ferrous metal applications. The development of the airplane industry, the commercialization of automobiles, and the mass production

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What Is An Alloy

Alloy Definition Alloy: verb, past tense: alloyed; past participle: alloyedmix (metals) to make an alloy.“alloying tin with copper makes bronze”  What is a Metal Alloy? An alloy is a mixture of two or more elements with at least one metal that lends its properties to the total compound. An alloy occurs when the properties that happen with

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